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Patricia Sacha

Patricia is the our Team MVP! The most organized, systems whiz on the planet and responsible for onboarding new clients & supervising the team.


Christy Barber

Christy is an uber-experienced social media manager, SEO strategist & content developer. She makes the magic happen for every client that she works with. 


Justin Peters

Justin, our go-to video expert & self proclaimed Head of Gladiatorial Visual Strategy is masterful at developing video strategies that become the backbone of our clients content core.  

What is your

Marketing Focus?

One thing is for sure, you have choices. The downside to “choices” is “overwhelm”. 

The key to amplifying revenue in your business is to simplify & systemize. We specialize in identifying those opportunities for your specific business.  It’s an approach that translates to amplified results, and reduced frustration.

Sorry, we don’t sell predefined packages. Our services are customed designed to serve YOU specifically

Are you ready to simplify to amplify? Contact us to see if you qualify for a free cost reduction analysis.


  • Fractional CMO Services
  • Training/Mentoring
  • 360 Tours
  • Google Business Profile Optimization & Management
  • Cost Reduction Analysis
  • Analysis, Assessment & Roadmap Development
  • Social Media Management
  • Website Development & Management
  • Website Hosting
  • Blogging & Content Writing
  • Visual/Graphic Design
  • Video Development, Editing & Leverage
  • Pay per Click Advertising Strategy
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Email Marketing

Harness the expertise of a talented marketing team to turbocharge your success!

Our custom designed packages include: 1. “Done For You”, 2. “Done With You” or support/guidance for 3. “Do It Yourself” plans. 

Our curated team possesses proficiency in traditional & digital marketing strategy, SEO, AI solutions  implementation,  social media management, website development, hosting & management, video creation & editing, customer service systems, PPC and more — we show up — ready to elevate your business and break industry boundaries.

We are dedicated to helping you take control, reach new heights, and free up valuable time with our world-class expertise and innovative systems.


Jannis Paulk

founder of Clarity Based Marketing – a focus driven agency designed to simplify efforts & amplify results.

Thank you for visiting today!

As a seasoned marketing executive & consultant, I bring a wealth of experience and a comprehensive skill set to the table to serve you. With a deep background in marketing, web design, SEO, PPC, graphics, video production, and a multitude of other sales & marketing channels, I excel in creating and executing strategies that drive business growth.

My expertise lies in not only optimizing your digital presence but also in simplifying and systemizing the often complex marketing systems that weigh down business owners these days.

By streamlining these processes, I help businesses focus on what they do best while ensuring their marketing efforts are effective and efficient. Is this something that would serve your present business growth goals? 

As a consultant, I offer both one-on-one and group services, tailored to meet the unique needs of each of my clients. 

Although I have served a wide variety of clients over the years, I specialize in the beauty, heath & wellness industries with a commitment to understanding & celebrating the uniqueness of each provider. Regardless of your industry, my goal is to provide solutions & support that enhances your visibility and increases revenue.

My core mission is to help you Simplify to Amplify. I’m happy to talk with you to see what your sp[ecific needs are.

               ~ Jannis Paulk

Connect with me on [LinkedIn]

Core Values

Core Values are important. We’ve created a set of core values that help us create the most effective working relationship with each other. Please carefully review these core values to make sure that you are in alignment with how we operate and our expectations for a healthy working relationship at all levels.

These values demonstrate a commitment to uphold a working environment that creates a safe space for everyone to succeed & reach their goals. 

Why Clarity Based Marketing?

Jannis founded Clarity Based Marketing to provide a path for simplicity in marketing to overwhelmed business owners. 

To deliver on that goal, she created PathMapper180, the framework that supports the success of a growing business.  Our most successful clients start with a Cost Reduction Analysis and continue their path to success with PathMapper. 

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Q: What is PathMapper180? 

A: 3 Simple Steps that lead us to finding Clarity & Focus in your Marketing efforts.

It’s a time proven system that just plain works…

Let’s start with a no obligation Cost Reduction Analysis.  Request more information to see if we are a good fit to serve your needs. 

Managed Outsourcing

Ready for help in your business but not sure what to do next or just don’t want to take on the responsibility of part time or full time staffing?

We Recruit, Train and Supervise a team member to handle the marketing related tasks you need completed to help your business grow. We have team members ready to help in customer service, SEO, social media management, website management, blogging, Pay per Click management and more!  

Want more info? Schedule a free call with Jannis to learn more about how as little as $50 a week can get you the help you need to grow!

Free your Time!

Are you wearing too many hats?

Our Managed Outsourcing program is designed to deliver the help you need without the stress of recruiting, training or supervising! An innovative staffing strategy that is customized to your specific need. We can even help you build the job description based on an assessment of what you need.

gain Clarity and Focus

We believe in learning and growing TOGETHER.

Because we believe that everyone deserves an equal seat at the table, we’re building a team oriented community of skilled side hustlers & freelancers that are poised and ready to serve you.

Join us in this unique collaboration that promises to change the way we work together. 

A Unique Approach

We’re a little different — and we like it

We create opportunities for side hustlers, freelancers and businesses to work together in a transparent relationship that benefits everyone. (seriously!)

With enterprise level guidance and support + tools and resources, we’re creating change & opportunity in the workplace.

Are you a side hustler or freelancer interested in joining a high quality team of your peers & working with high quality business owners and managers? yes? We should talk…

Ready to Gain Clarity in your Marketing?

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